Tradekar Benelux BV

Tradekar Benelux BV is an international development- and sales organization of primarily automotive after-market and caravan and camping related products. We supply both domestic and international to wholesale and retail a wide range of car- and caravan accessories. 

Leading brands like Pro User® bike carriers, Enduro® technology, Pro User® accessories and Pro User® Electronics have given Tradekar Benelux BV European fame over the years. Tradekar continues to innovate and grow, and therefore in 2013, adding two new brands to the list: Spinder® bike carriers and Cover It®. With these six brands Tradekar wants to offer a broad aspect of the automotive market.

In Germany Tradekar Benelux BV has a very close cooperation with EAL GmbH. The core of our 39-year parent company Tradekar International BV is the innovative development of the above product lines for Tradekar Benelux BV and EAL GmbH.

Tradekar Benelux BV also works with Pro-User Europe GmbH, a provider of electronic caravan and car accessories.

European type approval
Our products are produced with great care and undergo many domestic and external quality controls. Almost all bike carriers are equipped with a European type approval granted by the RDW and/or TÜV.

Since the establishment of Tradekar Benelux BV in 2006 we have grown to be an organization with a worldwide distribution and a reliable partner with a good reputation.

Our consumer products are only available through the retail industry.